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For more information please call Andy Stewart, Chairman at 281-513-4956

F.A.Q. for E.T.M.S.A.R.

Here are some frequently asked questions for East Texas Mounted Search and Rescue, along with some answers.

1) Am I too old to participate? Absolutely NOT ! ETMSAR has members in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and even 80's. Each participant brings a unique and important perspective to the group. If your health will allow you to ride your horse in all kinds of weather and you can mount and dismount your horse unassisted, then you would be great for the riding team. If you are unable to meet those requirements, then you would still be a great asset to us on the ground support team. Come and see where you fit in, we would love to have you.

2) Am I too young to participate? Maybe. 18 is the minimum age requirement to be allowed to serve on an actual call-out, however, if you are under the age of 18,  you can still be a member of ETMSAR if you are accompanied by an adult at meetings and monthly riding events.

3) Is my horse too old to participate in E.T.M.S.A.R.? Absolutely NOT!  Older horses are actually great for search and rescue because they are seldom in a hurry and are usually well behaved. Search and rescue is best performed when the horse is ridden at a walk, giving the rider the opportunity to be observant while looking for clues. There are times when the rider needs to trust his or her mount to behave while rider is looking at a map or G.P.S., older horses are wonderful for such times.

4) Is my horse too young to participate in E.T.M.S.A.R.? Maybe. Regardless of your horse's age, the horse (and rider) must demonstrate good behavior and adequate riding skills in order to be useful for an actual call out. This riding skill is of a basic riding ability level and is determined by the ETMSAR evaluator. Stallions are not allowed.

5) How much does it cost to join E.T.M.S.A.R.? Nothing, it's FREE! There is no charge to join our organization. All costs incurred in being a member are, however, donated by the members themselves. You will be responsible for paying for your own fuel, using your private vehicle, providing your own automobile insurance and paying for the necessities of your horse and yourself when participating in ETMSAR activities.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact any active member for answers. By Kellye Tuxen


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